Get to know a rapidly growing company. Get to know an innovative company that offers a total solution for the maintenance of trucks, trailers, and tyres. Get to know TRUCK SUPPORT.

Total service for truck and trailer

TRUCK SUPPORT is a renowned player in the transport industry. The unique combination of truck and trailer maintenance and tyre service in one overhaul makes TRUCK SUPPORT into the innovative and reliable maintenance partner of many transport companies. TRUCK SUPPORT was founded in 1995. The company then used the name EST Trailerservice. Director Ernst Jansen is a driven entrepreneur with vision. By noticing new opportunities in the transport industry, TRUCK SUPPORT developed into a professional that guarantees a complete solution in the maintenance of your truck and trailer. TRUCK SUPPORT: total service for both truck and trailer!

TRUCK SUPPORT: also for your vehicle fleet

TRUCK SUPPORT is distinctive, trustworthy, and innovative. We understand that offering a total solution offers strong added value. TRUCK SUPPORT ensures quick intake and execution, guaranteed quality, and a clear vision in regards to future maintenance. Additionally, our information system developed in-house enables us to provide the client with relevant data on the vehicle fleet. Management information, for example, that can help you when allocating budgets. This enables you to make timely and calculated decisions in regards to maintenance costs and replacements.

TRUCK SUPPORT is moving forward…

Growth and development of our employees is very important to us. TRUCK SUPPORT is very proud that the mechanics understand the exact technology of every truck and trailer. In order to maintain the level of expertise of our employees, we devote a lot of our time to education and training. We train our mechanics in collaboration with Gilde Opleidingen. We also regularly give courses and workshops for our clients in our own education classroom.


Would you like to know more about TRUCK SUPPORT? Are you curious what kind of maintenance solutions we can offer? You are more than welcome to take a tour of our company and to discuss with us what we can do for your organization.  Please contact  one of our specialists.


Olivier van Noortweg 1
5928 LX Maasbree
Postbus 3007
5902 RA Venlo
T: +31 77 387 2662
F: +31 77 387 5176

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Ernst Jansen
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    TRUCK SUPPORT is the trusted and reliable partner for the maintenance of your truck and trailer. We offer a total repair and maintenance package for your truck, trailer, and tires, complemented by our tire service TYRE SUPPORT.

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Total Service for Truck & Trailer