Total Service for Truck and Trailer

Would you like one trustworthy and specialized company to handle the maintenance of your valuable combination? TRUCK SUPPORT has the in-house knowledge and the knowhow to do maintenance on your truck and trailer in one go. This unique maintenance concept provides a complete maintenance of your truck, trailer, and tyres in one overhaul.

Carefree vehicle fleet

Through the intensive collaboration between the mechanics of TRUCK SUPPORT and the tyre specialists of TYRE SUPPORT, we can offer optimal and specific service. An additional advantage is that you can operate your vehicle fleet as inexpensively as possible. Our goal is to contribute to our clients attaining the lowest cost price per kilometer.

Workshops and training sessions

In our specially equipped training space, above our workshop, the specialists of TRUCK SUPPORT regularly give training sessions and workshops to the vehicle fleet managers. We gladly share tips and tricks with you to enable you to learn how to handle your vehicles more efficiently. Is a workshop on fuel additives interesting for you or your workshop boss? Or would you like to join a training session on the optimal condition of your tyres? We would gladly share our knowledge with you. TRUCK SUPPORT offers high-quality complete support, enabling you to successfully manage your vehicle fleet.

Would you like to know more about our support?

The specialists of TYRE SUPPORT would gladly advice you on the total maintenance of your truck, trailer, and tyres during one maintenance visit. We would be happy to visit you for an informative meeting. Of course, you are always welcome at our new premises at industrial park TrafficPort in Venlo. Feel free to ask for a consultation, free of obligatoin, via or call us at: 0031 77 387 2662.


Olivier van Noortweg 1
5928 LX Maasbree
Postbus 3007
5902 RA Venlo
T: +31 77 387 2662
F: +31 77 387 5176

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    TRUCK SUPPORT is the trusted and reliable partner for the maintenance of your truck and trailer. We offer a total repair and maintenance package for your truck, trailer, and tires, complemented by our tire service TYRE SUPPORT.

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Total Service for Truck & Trailer