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In our modern workshop, equipped with all the necessary equipment, maintenance is carried out quickly and professionally. TRUCK SUPPORT Venlo can maintain your truck from A to Z. We always strive to have it ready in one workshop visit. Of course within the agreed time, because a deal is a deal.

Damage to your truck is annoying. TRUCK SUPPORT Venlo can therefore carry out all damage repairs quickly and professionally for you. Moreover, we inform you timely about the state of the repair. Good for the planning! Our goal is to keep your truck in top condition at realistic costs.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Our method consists of a combination of preventive (planned) and corrective (unplanned) maintenance.

TRUCK SUPPORT Venlo always looks for the right and desired balance. We strive to maximize the technical lifetime of each component, with attention to minimal downtime. Through consultation with our customers, we can maintain a vehicle in such a way that the customer gets the maximum benefit from repairs. It is therefore important to regularly discuss our vision and your investment plan, so that we can adjust the maintenance policy accordingly.

You can come to TRUCK SUPPORT Venlo with your truck for:

Maintenance and Repairs

Damage expertise & repairs   

24-hour breakdown service

Inspections (among others APK, TACHO, LAADKLEP)

Airco service

Tire service

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